9. Richtung Monte Rosa Massif

Die letzten Tage auf dem Campingplatz waren sehr lässig, und das Wetter gestern auch echt schlecht. Dafür wurde ich von den Besitzern kulinarisch sehr verwöhnt, da sie französisch gesprochen haben…


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On Being A Girl


Happy New Year!!!!!
This year I’m starting this thing where I write on random topics given to me by my friends every Sunday. This is the first of many to come. I appeal to you to keep me accountable also to suggest random topics to write on. All writing will start out short for now, as I am just developing this writing habit.

This week I’ll be writing about being a girl. One will think this is an easy topic to write on but my mind went blank immediately I saw the topic. This is going to be my own experience as a girl.

Being a girl is a very interesting roller coaster ride ( or what I think a roller coaster ride feels like, never been on one). There are enjoyable and not so enjoyable moments.

There are some times when you just want to quit being a girl. I think I have a lot of unexplored areas and the perks of being a girl.
I grew up having very low self-esteem and I didn’t really enjoy being a girl at the early point of my life (secondary school days). I hated how I looked and I always looked forward to getting my boobs. I was a late bloomer, but when I bloomed I turn out HOT!!! (I’m not being humble about it, I AM HOT!!!).

To be honest, I am not the super girlie type, for example, I can’t really relate with girls that do the 20 step beauty routine, I’m too lazy for that. I guess I’ lucky cos God gave me really good skin. I never had to deal with pimples, except the occasional one that pops up on my face when it’s that time of the month and I literally mean one, one pimple.

Period cramps are one of the not so enjoyable moments. They are horrendous, but welp “It’s the circle (cycle) of life”. Thank God it’s only for a few days in a month. We deserve a medal just for being able to endure that pain.

This year I want to be more intentional about having more fun girlie experiences. I will be stopping here before I start to ramble (we don’t want that trust me). I will really appreciate any feedback I can get. Please clap (several times), comment and share.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.

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