Finding My Path

Recently I had been working on learning JavaScript but was struggling to put everything together. Part of the problem is that I have very limited time for studying, what with working a full-time job…


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Silent Partner

not everything that is beautiful belongs to us

Humans have always loved to look at beautiful things, even to the point of destroying them.

Do you want to go to the museum or the zoo today, a mother asks her child, as if these are synonymous. But animals are not art; not meant to live in a cage while people pay admission to gawk at them in some artificial habitat.

You can abduct every species and keep us captive for your own recreation, but you so easily forget that when humans do this to one another they call it trafficking. What makes us so different?

I’ve been here at the estate for 25 years, and I can tell you they have been bringing young women and immigrants in and out of here even longer. As a silent companion to a man the same age as me, it’s not within my power to tell him much. He didn’t opt for a parrot who might give the illusion of conversation; I know some words, but I am mostly a silent partner. Can a bird be complicit?

I don’t know. I don’t remember being anyone else, but I have often wondered if my feathered friends see the world the way I do, or if I’m different. Maybe I haven’t always been a bird. Was I reincarnated? Who can tell. But in case this is my only life, I’ll try to live it to the fullest, even if I am trapped here forever.

I’m not the only one here who is trapped.

There are tigers outside; one lion, an alpaca, and maybe some others. But the most valuable asset are the women, who often leave after a few days.

They smile when they see me on his desk, walking past their conversation. They’re trying to find another way to be useful than what he has in mine for them, but he has only kept three women in 25 years.

Rocio, who has cleaned the estate for a decade is quiet and unassuming. She makes room and board and not much more. Her ability to speak English seems about on par with my own, and if she is actively trying to leave, it’s not apparent.

Arwen is older now; she assists him, acting as a sort of personal secretary. If his work bothers her, she doesn’t show it. I suppose she has less of an excuse for staying, but at this point, where would she go? Besides, if he were ever caught, she would likely be considered an accomplice.

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