Clean Architecture in Android?

Arsitektur Aplikasi dari setiap perusahaan atau setiap developers team pasti berbeda-beda, tapi dari setiap arsitektur memiliki tujuan yang sama, yaitu: Arsitektur yang disepakati bersama ini…


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Why Your Customer Needs to Hear Your Message a 1000 Times Before it Clicks

When it comes to creating content online for our audiences to consume, we must understand that context is king.

The device we choose to use at a particular time is often driven by our context. Our location, attitude, and state of mind on any given day can affect how a message resonates with us. This can be furthered through the amount of time we have or need to consume the content.

The individuals from your target audience who line up in the correct buckets of those listed will be willing to not only interact with your message (tweet, video, photo etc) but will be willing to let it change them.

A lot of social media content in marketing and advertising is used to generate profit through selling a product or service and whilst we can define our target audience and use PPC (pay-per-click) to specifically reach them, we may not get through to that person.

Turn up day after day with the same message in a different form or tone to communicate and you may then resonate with that individual.

Same message, different tone.

Only once the individual is truly open to hearing what your message is saying will it connect. The same way that a love song can make you dance around when you’re single but after a break up those lyrics have a new sad meaning.

Understand that context is king and you will be able to shape and mould your target audience into becoming customers.

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