The Binary Method Of Calculating Storage Can Be Very Confusing

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Blockchain and education

For any company in any sector specialists first of all are important. However, how the diploma provided when applying for a job can be checked? Take the word? That is not an option! Believe what’s printed on paper? That’s outdated!

This is what Sony company seemed to consider when they decided to use blockchain in education, and as we know, only the best students of the world’s most famous universities work in such companies.
Japanese giant Sony is already engaged in the unification of education documents in a single online storage.

Constructed on the basis of IBM blockchain and powered by Hyperledger Fabric 1.0, the system will combine data from “multiple educational institutions” and “will allow to record and reference educational data and digital diplomas.”

Sony wants to sync all data related to education, starting from registration of students, attendance, assessments, and lesson plans, teachers ‘ records of student performance.

The introduction of blockchain can significantly simplify many employers ‘ lives. After all, in the absence of a global certification database, those wishing to hire a specialist often have to contact universities directly to obtain information about the candidate.

By the way, earlier the Massachusetts Institute of technology has already used blockchain in test mode. This allowed the University to confirm all the diplomas of its graduates, and employers could be sure that all records are checked within the blockchain.

It shall be noted that in addition to ensuring the authenticity, the information about the completion of an educational institution on the blockchain reduces the possibility of loss of the diploma, its damage or replacement.

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