Building the Cognitive Budget for Your Most Effective Mind

Building a cognitive budget involves managing and allocating your mental resources effectively to optimize your thinking, decision-making, and overall mental well-being. Here are some key steps to…


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Over 100 Women Share Advice on Achieving Careers in the City

Within the City of London, over 100 women from an array of executive roles shared their experiences of working in the City, coming together to support other women who are wanting to follow in their footsteps. WeAreTheCity and Reed Smith LLP then produced a report on the behavioural characteristics, personality traits and journeys of ascension of female leaders.

Overlooking the City, the evening was kicked off by Tamara Box (Managing Partner EME, Reed Smith), who is a Founding Member of the 30% Club Steering Committee.

Following this, there was three panels debates discussing the place of emotion in the workplace, the structural changes that are still required and how a mentor can help to boost your career.

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