Using Artificial Intelligence and Bots to stop Fake News

The creation of artificial intelligence has a huge impact on the future of media. As technology advances throughout society, the way we receive our news have drastically changed. Before the advent of…


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5 Ways in Which Big Data Will Transform Business

In contrast to a couple of years ago, when we started our family business, people are fully aware of the concept of big data now. Nobody can say that it is not relevant to their business anymore, because small or big, all businesses deal with data today. You can have your own website or a social media page or enable micro-transactions on your site or just have a simple section for customer feedback, whatever the purpose, you are ultimately dealing with data.

In fact, we have so much of data at our disposal today that the onus has shifted from dealing with data to dealing with data protection issues. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), passed passed by the EU, is a prime example of this. Regulations aside, big data will continue to serve as an important tool in improving consumer experience and generating revenues for small and big organizations alike.

While the amount of data available is huge, the task of converting information into action is easier said than done. This will require centralizing some aspects of business and democratizing it. Companies will have to collaborate with different entities outside their walls to develop things together and learn stuff from each other.

As they say, knowledge is power and with so much knowledge, in the form of big data, on our hands, it definitely could lead to major business benefits.

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