How to Easily Generate a Table and Align it in Jupyter Notebook

In the previous post, I illustrated how to align text in the Jupyter notebook. There are different methods to generate a table in a Jupyter notebook. In this post, let’s see how to easily create a…


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Knowing your impact as a designer

Ways of measuring your influence on your team and beyond

In my experience, your actions can have impact on four levels; other designers, the people you work with daily, your company, and yourself. You’ll impact each person in different ways, depending on their goals and their relationship to you.

The spheres of your influence in your company

In this article I want to cover some questions to ask yourself, so you can understand how you’re influencing the people you work with.

The designers in a company all lean on each other, even if they’re working on different things. You use the same tools and processes, and you’ll work together to solve complex problems.

Even if you’re not the head of the design team you can influence design culture. You can lead others without needing the word leader in your job title.

You don’t need to have worked as a designer for decades to be a good teacher. If you learn something new and helpful, you can share it.

Here are some thing you can do to be an influence on your design team.

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