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Reviewing What We Know

As I go through the summer, vacations, summer classes, lunches, and dinners with friends, at the back of my mind is my upcoming internship. I am wondering if others are ruminating on the same topic.

As my school psychologist classmates and I meet for dinner we talk about where we are going to be this fall, things we need, and experiences we will have. We wonder about contracts, time off, new workmates, supervisors, and more.

You can hear the anxiety in our voices as we discuss situations we will encounter and how we will handle them. Questions we are asking ourselves include: Will we remember all our instructions from our professors? Will we be able to apply the techniques and strategies we learned and practiced? Will we remember them in challenging situations where emotions are running high?

I have created a storytelling video to remind us of our journey and the things we have learned. This video is meant to give you confidence in what you know and how we have already started to apply that knowledge in our practicum experiences. While being anxious can be a healthy feeling it is important to not let it become overwhelming and keep you from applying the skills that you have learned. Small amounts of anxiety can sharpen your skills and make you strategic in your application of interviewing techniques, assessment procedures, and counseling lessons. However, large amounts of anxious feelings can overwhelm our minds and make it difficult to remember things we have learned and practiced. The purpose of this video is to lessen overwhelming feelings of inadequacies that may interfere with our goals of becoming the qualified school psychologist we can be.

After viewing this video I hope that you can feel more confident and a little less anxious going into your internship. YOU GOT THIS!

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