Entre el cielo y la tierra

Lucas Ocampos cae dentro del área y el árbitro chileno Roberto Tobar cobra penal para la Selección Argentina. Está Lionel Messi en cancha, sin embargo, la estrella del Sevilla cree tener los avales…


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Blame It On The Texas Sky

Chelsea said to me one night,

“I am the Alamo, you know?”

and before I could ask her

what the hell she meant by that

she continued, ‘I’ve got a thousand men

who want to defend me,

who will try to defend me,

who would lay down their lives

to defend me, but in the end,

I’m going to fall, and there is nothing

they can do to stop it.”

And I began to tell her

that was stupid, that was silly,

that she was going to be just fine

and was going to make one of those men

a wonderful wife someday,

but I couldn’t get the words

out of my mouth because I knew

they were bullshit and so, instead,

I said to her, “Why do you think that is?”

Chelsea didn’t answer right away but,

instead, she played with the little

drops of blood that were pouring

from the crook of her arm,

making a little smiley face

on my copy of the Big Book

that was sitting right in front of her.

Finally, she looked up at me

with those eyes that screamed genocide

and responded, “Who the hell knows?

It’s my parents fault. It’s Nixon’s fault.

It’s Marlene Dietrich’s fault. Something

must have made me this way. Shit,

blame it on the Texas sky

for all I care.”

And with that, she put her head

in my lap and wiped her tears, absently,

on my erection. It was her way

of telling me, “Give it up, boy.

I know you want to fix me, too,

but it’s gonna take a better tool

than the one you got there.”

Photo by Cody Schroeder

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