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React is one of the most popular and powerful Javascript frameworks in the industry today. However, the unwieldiness of managing state in large apps led to the development of the Redux library in…


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Before we get to the exact meaning of personal branding it’s more important to know why personal branding is important and for which type of people personal branding is useful? The short answer is, it is working for almost everyone with profession in something, and It is useful because people get to know you first and then once they trust you the buy your services or products.

Personal branding concept was first introduced by Tom Peters in 1997 and claimed to be the most powerful way of marketing strategy! Now a day thanks to social media every single person is a personal brand, some with few hundred followers and friends and some with hundreds of thousands if not millions.

Now let me give you two examples; what comes to your brain when I say the name “Trump”? Unconsciously an image of president of United States pops in your head, but more important is how do you feel about him? Positive or Negative? Now let’s say this time I say the name Alex Glory. Sounds familiar? Probably not! You don’t know who Alex Glory is and the fact is I don’t know either!

So, what is the difference between these two names? First one gave us an image with full of personality qualities (bad or good) and another one did not mean anything to us. Why? Simply because Trump use personal branding and openly shares his characteristics.

The question is “How to create strong personal branding and which platform to use?”

The answer:

I personally pick YouTube and Instagram, but you can do it on any channel you feel comfortable with and here are 5 ways to do effective personal branding:

Original content is all you need to grow your personal brand. Content can be info graphics, articles, pictures, educational videos, or simply your own lifestyle. The example is recording and sharing part of your meetings, events, parties etc, and yet it does not matter what you do what matter is who you are!

Furthermore, if you find something funny or cool from some else profile you can simply post and share their post on you social media channel and credit them on the caption of the post. By crediting the author you create trust with both your audience and a person you took the photo from.

Probably CANEC is the most important factor of growing on social media which translate into Constant and Never-Ending Content on daily bases. The reason is the more content you put the more active your account will get and the more chance you have to be discovered by other people on their feeds.

Hashtags and keywords are specially another important factor to being discovered. Hashtags are keywords relative to your content which makes it easy for people who are interested in what you do to find you. There are few sets of information you can share with your hashtags. The most important once are as follow

1- Location

2- Category of your posts

3- Industry

4- Personal Brand (#Your name)

Once it comes to stories you have to know that stories last 24 hours only and stories are for the activities you do during a day, so you can make it very engaging by capturing moments or making some funny 5 second boomerang videos. The secret to stories is mentioning the location of where this story happened. Why? Because there is chance that people in that location or your city discover you within their feeds stories. So, the more engaging the story the higher chance to make another fan.

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