Naturalizing Transgender and Intersex Bodies

Transgender and intersex bodies are natural, yet they are regulated legally- and medically-based on policies and political figures that support the gender binary model. According to The New York…


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Getting Started With React Hooks

React is one of the most popular and powerful Javascript frameworks in the industry today. However, the unwieldiness of managing state in large apps led to the development of the Redux library in 2015. Since then, the React community has still struggled to combat the bloat and over-engineering that tend to be a problem with the framework. Thankfully, React is always changing and developing new solutions — including React Hooks!

One main advantage of Hooks is letting you access state and React lifecycle features without using class and/or React component lifecycle methods. This allows you to write leaner code, separate concerns more effectively by colocating related logic in one place, and share reusable behaviors of components, regardless of how they’re implemented in your web app.

React Hooks accomplish this by solving one problem inherent in React; allowing for reusable functions that alter state that can be called from multiple components.

Good Luck!

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