Queda de domingo

De maneira geral eu só queria não me sentir um lixo solitário quando minha mente começa a trabalhar contra mim. Viver pra mim é uma montanha russa. Em dado momento eu sigo lentamente em ascensão, com…


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Learning Tango in Buenos Aires

Today is the 26th September of 2020 in Buenos Aires. The city is still under grip of laws imposed by politicians, supposedly elected to maintain and advance welfare in the nation. It was the beginning of spring and the temperature was very comfortable, the morning rain had released all sorts of pleasant fauna smells.

A “conocida” had invited me to take a lesson with her partner, she would dance with me and he would have a look at my dancing, for free. I was certain something was crooked about it. Were they hoping to foster contacts in my home country? I arrived at 16:00 in the apartment with some empanadas to not come entirely empty handed. There was a shelf of mundial and metropolitano pocals. Many champions used to live in the apartment and they left their pocals there. After some talk about our breakdowns during the quarantine I was asked to dance with my conocida.

More dilution please: I don’t think there is one right way how Tango is to be done. Each dancer has his own way of dancing and each teacher his own strengths and weaknesses. But certainly there is always room for improvement and discovery.

– Alexander Miller

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