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My goals for 2018

Audacious But Not Impossible

You’re an achiever.

How do I know?

Because you’re reading this on Medium.

That tells me you’re ambitious.

And we achievers,

we set audacious goals.

You know that too.

That’s how we’re wired.

So I wrote down my goals for 2018.

I’ll even share them with you.

Writing your goals down is important.

It’s the first step towards achieving them.

I have ten goals for 2018:

Have a business meeting with a 5 million USD investor.

This was a 2017 goal that I didn’t achieve.

Speak to a crowd of over ten people for over ten minutes.

This was a 2017 goal that I didn’t achieve.

Understand Bitcoin quantum computing well enough to write a piece about it.

This was a 2017 goal that I didn’t achieve.

Make 1 million USD in 2018.

This goal is hard but doable.

Have 50 dates in 2018.

Even if I don’t achieve this goal, I’ll have fun in the process.

Walk 60 km in one single event.

I never walked over 9 km in one single stage this year. So I need a lot of planning and training to achieve this goal.

Have one piece read by 1000 different readers.

I don’t care about monetizing my writing skills. However I want to help as much people as I can, so my audience needs to be as big as possible.

Have a positive life-changing impact on someone in 2018.

This was my goal in 2017. I don’t really know if I achieved it, but it’s the kind of goal you want to have every year.

Read Seneca and Marcus Aurelius.

I really like the philosophy of stoicism, but I never took the time to figure it truly out. It can help me to be even more happy and effective in life.

Drive an electric vehicle.

This was a 2017 goal that I didn’t achieve.

Those are my ten most important goals for 2018.

Most of them are hard but not impossible.

That’s how you want your goals to be.

Not that hard as to make them physically impossible.

That would demotivate you.

But also not that easy that you could achieve them

in a week or two of hard work.

Aim for the sweet spot:

Hard but doable.

Good luck with setting your goals.

Please write them down.

Even better would be to share them.

That makes them real.

I wish you a happy 2018!

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