5 Ideas For Building A Custom Home In 2019

Nothing is more satisfying than living in a home you have envisioned. Your creativity and imagination are not limited to decorating the interiors. You can have a say in the overall structure as well…


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Stop and Take Control

“The whirlwind of constant change.”

As teachers we are expected to be superhuman and accomplish the impossible. Each year new expectations are added to the job description. As the expectations increase, so do the challenges.

In this whirlwind of constant change, can we still be the teachers who make a difference? Yes.

But first we must stop and take control. We must rekindle our joy of teaching and find the energy and passion to make the impossible, possible. We must pause, noticing and celebrating the moments of magic occurring in our classes every day-the moments our students light up with new connections, new understanding, and more importantly, new questions. These moments are at the core of our teaching. They are the reason we are educators.

At the 2017 National Science Teacher Association Conference, Bill Nye said, “We save what we love. So, if we love the earth, we will save it” Today, we must find what we love about the art of teaching and save it.

I have organized the process into five steps.

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