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Finding Peace in The Pandemic

Mindset Matters

Photo by: Naim Hasan

This photo reminds me that, even during this COVID-19 pandemic, we will ultimately find our place of peace. As I continue to reflect on this time in our history, where lives across the world are impacted directly as a confirmed case or someone you know personally confirmed. The worst case of all is the life cut short as a result of this virus.

As time passes we will find a new level of peace and allow all the scars to serve only as a reminder of our difficult past.

The scars of death, the scars of record unemployment, the scars of the academic year cut short for our budding students. Extracurricular activities cut, producing emotional scars of unfulfilled dreams.

Nightly and weekend social events cut, producing more scars from the disconnection of our human interactions.

While we’re in the midst of this historic event, there is much pain, mentally, and emotionally requiring special assistance for the unforeseen depression that has plagued many.

One day we will look back on this time and all the scars this pandemic has produced and be reminded of all the unprecedented events bestowed upon us.

At this new point in our future, we will not feel the pain of all the losses, but the scars will have made a lasting impression on our minds. Reminding us, as Barry Manilow’s song says, “I Made it Through The Rain.”

Those many scars will only serve to prompt our memory of a time that has long since passed. Giving us the opportunity to find our special way to reconcile the trauma that once lived in the hearts and minds of many people around the world.

The resiliency that lives in the heart of all human kind, will have taught us by default, how to find our place of peace, because we know in our hearts and minds that our lives must go on.

Like the sun shining on the horizon, it will light a flame in our hearts serving as a beacon to guide us forward towards a new world of possibilities.

Let’s quickly examine Seven (7) opportunities that manifested as a result of this devastation called COVID-19 “The Pandemic.”

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