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Why Are My Tulips Turning Brown?

If tulips are not taken care of properly, you will see various illness signs, such as the browning of leaves. Browning can be categorized into two types, brown spots on leaves or brown tips.

But why are your tulips turning brown? Let’s find out.

Lack of water often leads to brown leaves in tulip plants. If you are not watering the plant correctly, start watering them adequately. Other possible problems include poor water quality, over-fertilization, improper lighting, poor air circulation, root rot, and pests infestations.

Avoid using poor draining soil and try to spray horticulture oil frequently to recover tulips from brown leaves.

There can be various problems your plant might be dealing with, and you have to treat them accordingly by identifying the actual causes.

This article will help you know why your tulips are turning brown and how to resolve this issue.

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