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If you are interested in sampling unique wines, consider attending a wine tasting OKC event or going to a winery’s tasting room. These experiences allow you to try new wines, support local businesses, and refine your palate. If you are new to tastings, these ten tips can help.

Whether you are going to a large event or visiting a tasting room, you would not want to make your trip only to discover that you cannot sample any wines. Make sure to book your tasting in advance. Even if the winery or vineyard does not take reservations, you can still call ahead to get a good estimate of the wait time.

Try to plan driving arrangements before the tasting. While the point of a wine tasting is never to become intoxicated, some alcohol will still enter your system. As such, consider scheduling a taxi or a private driver. You can also include a designated driver in your tasting group.

The best attire for a tasting depends on the situation. If you are planning a weekend visit to a local winery, everyday clothing should be fine. If you reserved a spot at a formal event, you should follow the provided dress code. It is best to wear dark colors that hide stains, avoid dangling sleeves, and wear sensible shoes.

It is also important to consider fragrances. Because your sense of smell impacts your sense of taste, you should avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, and any other products with notable scents. In addition to improving your experience, it is courteous to everyone around you.

As you discover Oklahoma wines, do not overdo it. Spitting the wine is one of the 4 S’s for a reason; you will be trying many wines throughout the event, so make sure not to swallow every selection you sample. You can still drink the wines you enjoy, but try to pace yourself.

Even if you do spit out every selection, remember that you are still bringing alcohol into your body. As such, eat before you go so you are not tasting on an empty stomach. If the event or winery has food available, take breaks and eat. Also, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

While you likely already have a few favorites you intend to sample, remember that a tasting event or winery visit allows you to try wines you have never had before. Go with an open mind and try made in Oklahoma wines with unique profiles or selections from wineries you have never heard of.

If a winemaker or winery owner is at the tasting, take the time to talk to them. Learning the story behind a bottle of wine can help you build a genuine appreciation for it. However, do not take up all their time; others should also have the opportunity to talk to these experts.

Whether you are at a large tasting event or enjoying a casual visit to a local tasting room, remember to show your appreciation by supporting the winery or vineyard. There are many ways to do this, for example:

Whether they are fancy or casual, these wine tasting experiences give you the opportunity to try new wines, support local businesses, and enjoy time with other wine enthusiasts. Get the most out of your wine tasting OKC by remembering to have fun!

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