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The Dark Side Of Content Writing

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Positive thinking is the new trend, which is a good thing.

Everyone is talking about how they can become whatever they want if they believe it and put in the effort.
That is correct, but behind every positive statement, affirmation, or image, there is a doubt that has been addressed, a worry that has been alleviated, and a lot of belief and acceptance on the part of that individual.

Every skill has a negative aspect that no one especially enjoys or wants to talk about. “Learn these tricks to become a content writing pro or how to write the best you can.” These types of articles are what we typically see, yet nobody ever addresses "Dealing with demotivation when behind schedule."

Don’t worry, though. I’ll briefly list three dark sides of content writing in this post.


Lack of interest and enthusiasm for your work. We’ve all been there before. Some people get it worse than others. Demotivation has a way of weighing you down. Some people get it so bad that they stop trying at all.

It's like you have zero interest to write at all.

Reading to write
Believe me when I tell that authors themselves do not always prefer to read a book. I, for one, much rather listen to audio than read. Although reading is wonderful, not many people enjoy it as a hobby.

However, as curious writers, cultivate a love of reading, even if it’s in a field you’re unfamiliar with.

Everyone talks about how to read extensively, but no one actually explains how to read for longer than an hour without getting up to do other things.

Text are too long, why can't books be watched.

Identifying your target audience
As important as this is, it can be difficult for some writers (including myself).

Finding your audience is a difficult part of what makes you a writer. Readers/viewers are not the same as audience. A viewer may see your post but never engage with it or see no need for it, whereas your audience finds it useful, engages with it, and practices it.

Getting your audience can be difficult. Running numerous advertisements, sharing with friends, and posting on social media to find your ideal audience is enough reason to keep you on your toes as a writer.

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