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As the lead game designer for Riot Games, developer of the massively popular online game League of Legends, I often get asked who the best players in the world are. It’s a difficult question to…


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All You Need To Know About Wisdom Tooth Removal

Are you advised for wisdom tooth removal? Worried about the procedure? We have you covered!

The four wisdom teeth or the molars, located at the far end of the jaw are the last molars. These teeth generally appear between the ages of 17–25. Did you know — some people never develop wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are not always problematic, for some, these molars erupt normally — just as their other molars did and cause no problems.

When they erupt without any problems, healthy wisdom teeth can be a valuable asset to your mouth.

But most of the time, the wisdom tooth appears to be either crooked or impacted or one lying perpendicular to the teeth roots. Sometimes, even if erupted properly, the cavity can form on the innermost side of the tooth.

Why extract an impacted wisdom tooth?

While an impacted wisdom tooth may cause pain and infection, an impacted wisdom tooth may also:

What happens during wisdom tooth removal?

The entire wisdom tooth removal procedure might take up to 45 mins to an hour more. In rare cases, it might go beyond the stated time depending on the complexity.

A brief overview on the wisdom tooth removal procedure -

After the Surgery

Once you are out of sedation and anaesthesia, you will be monitored. The dentist will give you gauze to bite down on in order to assist the blood clot in the area.

Once you are all stable, you will be allowed to go home. The doctor will inform you of the guidelines you need to follow for aftercare.

What does the wisdom tooth recovery phase look like?

The surgeon will advise you the following for the first 24 hours after the wisdom tooth surgery:

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