Demystifying UIKit Spring Animations

We take a look at how the motion of a spring can be used to drive an animation, how to craft spring animations that feel natural, and how to avoid common pitfalls related to spring animations.


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My poem about peonies

This is slightly different content than I usually post, firstly I don’t usually post poetry and secondly, I used ChatGPT prompts to make it. It’s a test. Of many things. I’ll let you know the results of the test soon.

In a garden’s tender embrace,

Peonies bloom with grace and grace.

Their petals, soft as morning dew,

Unfold in colors, vibrant and true.

Blushing pink, or snowy white,

Their beauty fills the day and night.

With fragrant whispers on the breeze,

They dance, enchanting hearts with ease.

Each petal, delicate and refined,

A testament to nature’s design.

Symbolizing love and honor true,

Peonies captivate, forever anew.

Their presence, a joyful sight to behold,

A tapestry of petals, radiant and bold.

So let us celebrate these flowers fair,

Peonies, a treasure beyond compare.

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