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Board giving is a frequent conversation topic. Here are the three most common issues we address with new nonprofit organizations: People serving on a board should want to give money to their…


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Cookies On Lamps!

Objective: Add cookies to one light source such as a lamp or ceiling light.

This little piece today is going to be a short one. It’s just a few minutes I used to assign cookies to some of my light sources to bring more realism to light casting. Take a look at what cookies are as a reminder before I get started. (No, not the ones we eat.)

Being that this cookie is a texture, I went and looked up a cookie image I can work with (PNG or JPEG is fine). Once I have this image imported into my Unity project I want to do some adjustments.

After applied, I can go ahead and assign this texture to my designated light source.

Now, you’ll notice I have my lighting kind of dimming out here but that’s because the cookie is assigned and you can see some pixelation going on. This is an easy fix though.

I’ll turn my ceiling lights off so we can see it a little bit more clearer.

You can see how you can fix pixelation by checking up my article “Cool Fog Fixes” which will delete the pixelation for the most part and give off a real feeling to my light sources with the new cookie texture attached.

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