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Learn to fight like Bruce Lee at this martial arts event

A Wing Chun master from Hong Kong is holding a four-day seminar in Shanghai starting April 28

Martial arts star Bruce Lee was famous for his fighting style called Wing Chun, and now you can learn how to whop ass like him at this four-day event in Shanghai starting April 28.

Happening from Saturday to Monday, Hong Kong Wing Chun master Kong Chi Keung will be in town for a seminar covering the history of the sport and its basic moves.

Kong (in front) and his students.

Wing Chun originated in the mid-19th century around Sichuan and Chongqing, and it’s a variation of Shaolin kung fu that specializes in close combat. Punches, elbow throws, and knee strikes are strung together to form a chain of attacks, and practice is often done on a wooden dummy. At the same time, the sport emphasizes awareness of your body movement and staying compact.

Probably the most famous master of Wing Chun is Ip Man (actor Donnie Yen played him in several movies), who popularized the practice and had several high-profile students, one of them being Bruce Lee. Lee himself had several disciples, one of whom Kong eventually studied under.

Ip Man and Bruce Lee.

Kong’s achievements are also notable. He was invited by Shaolin Temple to teach Wing Chun to the monks, and he was one of two tutors on Discovery Channel’s TV show “Fight Quest.” He currently runs his own martial arts institute in Hong Kong and Pujiang of Fujian province.

Kong teaching Shaolin monks.

If you’re in Shanghai and want to learn some of these moves, contact Tony Tong at 137 6187 7431 or add him on WeChat at this mobile number, and you could be on your way to being the next martial arts star.

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