How to Mint an NFT on OpenSea Using MetaMask

Creating your first NFT is a daunting task. There are many obstacles to overcome, but by following this guide you should be able to complete the task with minimal issues. Note, this guide is written…


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How to Easily Generate a Table and Align it in Jupyter Notebook

Handy methods to easily create a table and align it using Markdown and HTML in the Jupyter Notebook

In the previous post, I illustrated how to align text in the Jupyter notebook. There are different methods to generate a table in a Jupyter notebook. In this post, let’s see how to easily create a table and align it left, center and right using Markdown and HTML in a Jupyter notebook.

It is very handy and direct to quickly make a table using Markdown syntax in a Jupyter notebook. For example, let’s create the following table with three rows and four columns.

We just need to type the following Markdown syntax:

The first row is always the table header followed by an extra line with dashes “-” and optional colons “:” to align text in the columns. — — —is defaultly for right alignment,: — — — for left alignment, : — — —: for center alignment and — — —:for right alignment.

In this example, we will create the following table using HTML syntax.

It is directly type the following HTML to create the above table.

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