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Is this the last post for Twitter?

Twitter Watch Vol 13: Five days of madness from the madhouse

Away from the madness of The Matrix, here’s the “Grand Old Lady” of Ironbridge on an English Summer’s Day of 31st August 2022 (Author’s Collection).

“Twitter won’t last the weekend” they wailed.

“Elon Musk has paid $45 Billion dollars for a dying company”.

Even a billboard at their swanky American HQ had a rolling and scrolling screed viciously aimed at the ludicrously monikered “Space Karen” and quite frankly, if I was Elon Musk I’d have completed the job of burning down the house before retiring to a nearby beach with his children and laughing at the absurdity of having so much money he could live a thousand lifetimes and still not worry about a single bill. Why do such unfathomably wealthy people not retire to the beach every day and laugh uproariously at both the baking sunshine as well as their incredible good fortune to have more cash than all the Kings and Queens in all the world?

If I was Elon Musk I’d watch every single sunrise and every single sunset from the vantage point of a private beach whilst flicking playing cards into a top hat and laughing my way through the most incredibly lucky life imaginable. Then again, if I was Elon Musk I’d deliberately end Twitter and burn it into the embers of a dying Matrix. Too radical? OK, how about assigning each account a number and then, day by day, as I enjoy that day’s sunrise and sunset, each number has a 15 minute window in which to proclaim their suitability to be part of his private online club? No good? Not interesting enough? Not funny enough? No dice Jack!

Go find another sandpit to play in.

So it’s lucky I’m not Elon Musk but what did annoy me even more than is rationally needed at 4am on a cold, dark English morning, were the repetitive tweets starting with “If this is my last post on Twitter……”. Who are these lunatics? Has the 4 minute warning been sounded? Again, if I was Elon Musk I’d run an algorithm thingamajig to find everyone who posted this phrase to Twitter, invite them secretly to an uninhabited island in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean, and then leave them there to fend for themselves akin to Lord of the Flies. Film it for all I care. They’re filming Z-list celebrities eating a Kangaroos balls in a jungle in Australia so we’ve clearly reached rock bottom for humanity, so let’s cash in. Put it on Pay Per View. 24 hour round the clock. A kind of Big Brother anarchy mixed with Survivor and the only way out is the way these poor wretches landed themselves there in the first place: “If this is my last post on Twitter……”.

They have to scream this phrase at the top of their lungs and then, and only then, would I, as Elon Musk, adjudicate as to whether they should be freed from their island in the sunshine. If not, well, I’m sure there’ll be a Ralph or a Piggy or a Jack on the island who can deal with their impudence with a savagery needed for a prime time piece of reality television, screened exclusively on Twitter of course.

So it’s lucky I’m not Elon Musk.

It’s been another strange week within The Matrix. The vexatious vermin that pass for politicians and “World Leaders” (stop laughing!) have travelled thousands of miles around an earth they’re intent on telling us is dying to ostensibly lecture us, the plebs, that flying is bad for the environment and to get a private aeroplane you cheap bastards! Buy a Tesla too you earth killing scum they probably said in between quaffing fantastic amounts of champagne and eating the very finest food known to the mankind we’re killing off on a dying earth. Not the politicians gallivanting from one soiree to another and dressed akin to a cast of characters even Star Trek and The Muppet Show would’ve rejected as far too silly. But being silly, upside down and thoroughly ridiculous as to insult the intelligence of a weed smoking teenager, is the entire Satanic point. It’s the method of inversion or mirroring or projection, to accuse another of the actions you are yourself carrying out. That and their hereditary and birth given rights to rule by decree. Rules for thee and not for me, but that doesn’t cut it anymore and hasn’t done for the entirety of my lifetime let alone yours.

Dressed like extras from a deleted episode of Buck Rogers, these monsters with the smiling faces are implementing the totalitarian hellscape that is already largely in place and all for a world that was in danger of an ice age when I was growing up and now, with newer science decrees, that say we’re going to boil to death amid sea level rises that will ravage the earth. To prevent this, our Lords and Masters have decided (for they have Godlike powers) that flying is now almost out of the equation, diesel cars must be replaced by electric vehicles and, well, no more red meat for you sonny, and here’s a “15 minute neighbourhood” to stay within and well, if you’re going to stay within this 15 minute city, why not stay at home, don’t go out, but don’t you dare turn up your thermostat to keep warm. You’re going to kill the earth!

According to official data, CO2 accounts for 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere and our collective human efforts contribute a fraction toward that already tiny fraction. Clouds and water vapour account for over 70% of the earth’s atmosphere. Are we banning clouds and water vapour next?

0.04%. Ever feel as though you’ve been had?

It’s the “bamboozle” as so well articulated by Carl Sagan or just the constant barrage of utter nonsense that is so upside down, so ridiculously unbelievable, so intrinsically wrong and against every human emotion and intuition, and a random ramble of words that’s nowhere near as coherent as the dearly departed astronomer. If you believe the utterly unbelievable then you are, in effect, lying to yourself. Cognitive Dissonance — To hold two opposing views at the same time and believe them both to be true. But say we lie to ourselves on just one issue, what happens when the next one comes rat-a-tat-tatting inside our mind? Do you believe a second or a third completely outlandish new reality even though you know, deep down, that it’s complete and utter horseshit? Now add in every single instance of absurdity and outlandish ridiculousness you’ve seen in the past two and a half years alone. That’s a lot of lies believed to be truth or a lot of lies not believed but subconsciously accepted just to “get along”.

But where are we going to? Take a peek at the minutes of the meetings from these absurd Satanic creatures in their Muppet Show dress and you won’t be laughing at them anymore. Or maybe you will?

The big reveal of course is that these wraiths and scoundrels who call themselves politicians as well as public figures such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos are just actors bathed in the blood of the secret clubs we never see. Selected even if they are nominally “elected” (which neither Musk, Gates or Bezos are or will ever be), yet they and their fellow actors play a stupendous role on the vaunted “world stage”, and how very apt that particular phrase is. Actors and actresses, peddling the most ridiculous of dystopian ideas in a constant bamboozle sent from their Masters in the deepest recesses of Hell or a Satanic 5th Dimension.

You pays your money.

You calls your tune.

But the Piper ignores you whilst telling you they love and care for you and, well, here’s some medicine. It’ll give you a boost!

The horrid cartoonish villains that occupy a constant place on your telescreens have all been given the secret: You only get an average of 75 times around the Great Fire God of the Sky and whilst doing so, you have to do as little as possible whilst accumulating a crooked wealth on the back of others labour. Work? You have to be kidding! These swine have “jobs” outside of being a politician (presumably a second “job” to run alongside the second or third homes they also enjoy) but these aren’t jobs and neither it is work. Thunderously high salaries and all expenses paid, so long as they read the scripts provided for them.

Here in the UK we’ve had another financial budget and it’s the same story as the storytellers told us last time. Austerity. Poverty. Cost of living crisis. Blackouts forecast. Prices skyrocketing. Wages stagnant.

And here’s the rub: Ask a politician how money is created and either they’re completely ignorant or fully aware and dare not speak its name. It’s not in the script you see, and they don’t want to lose that second, all expenses paid for home. Do you know how much precious metal is moved every day to ensure they tally with the amount of credit/cash made available? If you don’t, the answer may surprise you. How about fractional reserve banking? The central banks? The IMF? The World Bank? Any idea where they all get their funds from? What if I told you money doesn’t really exist and it’s all a faith based system designed to crush the soul much like organised faith based religions? Made up. Fresh air. A magician’s trick and we’re the “mark” or the “rube”.

But hey, they’re really stand up guys and gals, flying around the world to save the world. Much like the US Army Captain who destroyed the Vietnamese village to save it.

Is Elon Musk going to save the Twitter village or burn it to the ground? It’s going to be a fun watch and distraction from the dystopia but if I was Elon I’d go for my Big Brother/Lord of the Flies hybrid. Make some money.

Watch some sunsets.

Invert the inversion.

I’ll be back next week, provided Elon hasn’t torched the house that Twitter built.

Thanks for reading. There’s over 500 articles now within the cave of wonders that is my archives. Here are my three most recently published musings and ramblings from within The Matrix:

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