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How to Mint an NFT on OpenSea Using MetaMask

Creating your first NFT is a daunting task. There are many obstacles to overcome, but by following this guide you should be able to complete the task with minimal issues. Note, this guide is written for a person that is brand new to crypto and NFT’s.

2. On the next screen, you can agree or opt out of sharing usage data.

3. Assuming this is your first Ethereum address, click “Create a wallet.”

4. Create a strong password and write it down. This password will be used to unlock your MetaMask wallet.

5. Confirm the password, agree to their terms and click “Create.”

6. Next, you will learn about the most important aspect of creating a wallet — the Secret Recovery Phrase. The provided video contains valuable information and I recommend you take a minute to watch it. Once you’re done, click “Next.”

7. You are now provided with your Secrete Recovery Phrase. Without these 12 words, your account could be lost forever along with everything in it. Take the provided tips seriously.

8. To prove that you actually wrote your phrase down, MetaMask requires you to click on your 12 words in the correct order before moving on to the next step. Unlike your password which you will use daily, this will most likely be the only time you ever use your recovery phrase. It will only be necessary if you change browsers, computers, wallet types, or have to reinstall your computer operating system.

9. Congratulations! You have successfully installed a browser extension and created your first Ethereum wallet address. Read and understand the provided tips.

10. After clicking “All done” you will see the screen displayed below. This is your “wallet.” To view the address, click on the three dots on the right side and choose “View Account on Etherscan” or “Account details.”

After your purchase, you will have a balance on Coinbase. To move it into your own wallet, you would click the Send/Receive button at the top right. Click “Send all,” choose Ethereum, paste in your address (which you obtained from MetaMask) and click “Continue.” Within 10 minutes, the ETH will arrive in your MetaMask wallet.

I would recommend buying at least $25 worth of ETH to cover the cost of creating your first NFT.

Now that the financial part of the process is out of the way, we can move on to the creative stuff.

2. Choose MetaMask.

3. Your wallet (account) will be checked by default. Click “Next.”

4. Click “Accept and sign.” A MetaMask screen will pop up at this point and you will need to click “Sign.”

You are now “connected” to OpenSea. This allows you to buy and sell NFT’s on their platform.

Before listing your first NFT for sale, you must first create what is called a “Collection.” This process registers your collection on the Ethereum blockchain and will hold all of your future NFT’s. OpenSea does not charge for this however you will pay a fee called “gas” to broadcast the creation of the collection over the network. Gas can range from pennies to dollars depending on the time of day, and how much congestion is on the network. If the fee is unacceptable to you when creating your collection, you can reject the transaction and try again later.

2. Upload a banner image (optional) and give your collection a name. The URL and Description are optional.

3. Choose a category, add links (optional), and add an address for Creator earnings. This should be your address (copied from MetaMask). This is your opportunity to collect future royalties should someone sell one of your NFT’s. A typical fee is between 2 and 5 percent. Finally, choose Ethereum as the blockchain.

4. The default settings on the last portion of the collection creation screen are fine. If you feel your work is explicit in some way, toggle the switch. Otherwise leave it off. When you are all done, click “Create.”

At this point you will be asked to sign for several transactions by MetaMask. if the fees are acceptable, confirm them and wait for the collection to be created.

Now that you have somewhere to put your items, it is time to create one. Click “Create” at the top right side of the OpenSea site.

3. Decide on the supply of your NFT. A supply of “1” means there can only ever be 1 of this particular NFT. These so-called 1 of 1 NFT’s command the highest prices and are the only type that serious collectors will buy. But as a new artist with little to no following, a multi-edition NFT is probably what you want to make. You can choose any number of duplicate NFT’s here, but remember this number can not be changed. There is a way to “destroy” some or all of your supply, but that is a topic for another article.

Choose Ethereum as the blockchain and freeze your metadata. This means that the image that you are minting can not be altered by you or anyone else. Click “Create.”

Wow! That was a lot of steps. If everything was done correctly, you should now have your first NFT in your first collection.

The very last thing that needs to be done is to list the NFT for sale. Simply click on it and then click the blue “Sell” button at the top right. Type in how many you want to sell (if you minted multiple items) and the price you want to sell it for. There is no cost for listing the item, but you will see that when it does sell OpenSea will get 2.5% and the creator (you in this case) will get the amount you specified when you created the collection. The creator fee is really there for when you are selling something that you did not create. Because this is your item, you will be paid 97.5% of the selling price.

I wish you the best of luck on Your New Endeavor!

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