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How I Get An Internship Before Finishing Google UX Course in Coursera

Many people ask how I do it. I am not finishing course 6, yet I got the job. This is how it started. I was inspired by somebody in course 5 and got a job offer on LinkedIn, so I started applying after I finished course 5, but nothing happened. Many companies reject me, even for internship positions. Then I prayed and got an enlightening. This is what I started to do.

Here is the story I got from the internship. A CEO posting about a job vacancy needs a full-time UI/UX person. I replied to his post and asked to be connected to apply for the intern UI/UX position. Weeks go by, and I don’t even have my portfolio done at that moment. I started to post in dribble and my website and then send messages to him asking about internship positions even when he did not make any internship job vacancies. Just two days after, he said he would ask his UI/UX team and a couple of days later directly offered me a full-time internship position. No test. No interview at all. This is not impossible, friends. I even hear a story on Facebook that somebody is getting a senior accessibility position as their first job in UX after Bootcamp. Everything is possible. You just need that kind of mindset. Because Jesus, our heavenly father is rich, he can give us the job we need!

Overall I wanna give a conclusion. What the employer sees is the portfolios; the portfolios are more valuable than the certificate itself. I don’t have my certificate of completion yet. Just the first 5 from the previous course! Yet, I got the internship. And don’t forget to network. It works for me, and maybe it will work for you too.

Thank you for supporting me!

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Thank you for supporting me!

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