Learn to fight like Bruce Lee at this martial arts event

Martial arts star Bruce Lee was famous for his fighting style called Wing Chun, and now you can learn how to whop ass like him at this four-day event in Shanghai starting April 28. Happening from…


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Detroit Improvements

So this week I am in Detroit for a career fair at the 45th National Convention for the National Society of Black Engineers. It was mandatory for me to come because I am the Senator for Temple’s chapter and i am responsible for voting in the next National Board. But mainly in my eyes I was here for the career fair. In the past I was always nervous and somewhat shy at these career fairs. It is pretty intimidating being in a career fair with over 100 companies and most of them are names I see in my daily life. At last years convention, which was my first, the outcome was more bad than good, but I at least had the opportunity to learn what I needed to do to get more comfortable with standing in a line for 15 minutes just to try and sell my skills to a company that might think I could be a useful asset to them. But I must say after completing the last day of the career fair I have made huge strides in my professional development. Not one time did I stutter or lose focus while talking to a company. I got a lot of positive feedback, from the facial expression side, which was more than the previous year. this year was a huge leap in my professional development but its only the tip of the ice berg. I will continue to strive to become even better as i gain more experience which i am very excited for.

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