3 Best Biologic for Nail Psoriasis

Recent years have seen the appearance of numerous biologic agents within the therapeutic arsenal for the treatment of psoriasis. Three are currently available in Spain for the treatment of plaque…


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The World of the Small

“Dandelion Glory.” Photo ©Erika Burkhalter.

Photography, Gardening

The wonders of macrophotography

Last summer I made the big switch to a mirrorless camera system. I loved my trusty old Nikon D500, but the weight of the camera and lenses was cumbersome when traveling, which I do a lot of. After a great deal of research (and vacillation — I, literally, made a 16-page spreadsheet comparing different cameras), I purchased a Nikon z7.

At the time, there were just a couple of lenses available for it. I bought the adapter, which allowed me to use my old lenses, but I was eagerly awaiting the launch of the new, lighter, lenses that would be made to go with the new camera body.

I already had a nifty little macro lens that attached to my iPhone. And it does take really nice “close-up” pictures of flowers and bugs and things. But I was excited for the arrival of Nikon’s macro lens to go with the new camera.

So, last month when they announced the launch of the 105mm 2.8 (that low number means it is letting in a lot of light, which is a good thing in photography) macro lens, I knew I just had to have it. It was for “pre-order” only, so I was expecting to have to wait a few months for it. Imagine my surprise when I returned from my trip to Alaska last week to find my new lens in its pretty little yellow and black Nikon box waiting for me!

These photos are all from my garden. I am always amazed at what turns up in these macro photos, at how different the view is when you can get in so close to your subject. It’s like a whole new world opens up in front of you, one which was there all along, but which you couldn’t see with your naked eyes.

I have a patch of “renegade daisies” which pop up in the same spot in my garden each year — not where I have sowed the seeds, but, rather, right in the middle of things, where the light is just perfect for them. You can read about them here, if you like: Renegade Daisies. These flowers have shown me that Nature has a…

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