Without a face

I was curious that why did he do that, spend so much and went through so much, just to lose his face, My face has never been mine. You have been looking for a face that you have seen before and could…


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15 Ways Men Can Beat Those Winter Blues

Winter isn’t coming — it’s here. Here’s how we can beat the cruelest months.

January is considered the most depressing month of the year.

The weather is cold and miserable, daylight is in short supply, you’ve got the post-holiday blues (disappointment that the holidays didn’t go well or having a hard time adjusting to work/school after leisurely holidays), and then there’s the holiday weight gain and credit card bills that start to roll in. It makes perfect sense that many of us feel down in January and that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is at its peak this time of year.

It’s tempting to curl up on your couch, eat your favorite comfort food, and binge watch TV. This is fine on the occasional Sunday afternoon, but if you’re prone to depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder, it’s not going to be helpful on a regular basis.

Get out of the house. We spend much more time inside during the winter. Not only is all that sitting unhealthy, but it’s isolating and not mentally stimulating to spend many hours in your own house or apartment. A simple change of scenery can change your perspective on things. Be sure you get out every day no matter if it’s for a walk around the block, to a new restaurant, or to an appointment.

Laugh. There’s a reason that videos of giggling babies and dancing goats are so popular! They make us feel better by quickly shifting our focus onto something fun, hopeful, and uplifting. People who laugh often are more resilient and relaxed.

Say “no” to something you don’t want to do. All of my regular readers know that I’m a big believer in boundaries and the happiness boost that you can get from speaking your mind and choosing what’s right for you.

Give yourself a treat. Regular treats are another one of my favorite happiness boosters. Unlike rewards, treats don’t have to be earned. You simply give them to yourself because they make you happier. The only rule is that your treats have to be healthy. Sorry, fist fulls of potato…

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