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Looking for a discreet way to straighten your teeth? You might consider Invisalign. Here you can find out how much does Invisalign cost and a little bit more about the treatment. Invisalign in…


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How I Improved My Life In One Easy Lesson

That list might change your life.

You are going to die. I don’t say that to be morbid or sensational. I say it as a reminder because as certain as we are of the truth, most of us living as it’s not the case.

But when you truly wake up to the fact that you will die one day and make each decision through that lens, you’ll learn that death can teach you everything you need to know about living.

All of this, a new post, and me writing about it because of a 150-year-old poem called “The Buried Life”. It goes like this and I am only including the 4 lines which made a deep impact on me.

The poem talks about how the day-to-day bury what you want to do and you have moments when you’re inspired but then that just get buried by life.

Now to the fact that how do we unbury our dreams and to get to that ask yourself this question.

Because death is the only thing that can shake us enough into the present moment to realize what was truly important. All of us will often come up with many different answers.

To solve that, a bucket list unfolds. It seems like a complete no brainer. We all will die someday, so might as well go after the things that we want the most. We should run that marathon, start that business, reconnect with that family member because well you’ve only got one shot.

We all know this.

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