Blame It On The Texas Sky

Chelsea said to me one night,. “Blame It On The Texas Sky” is published by Max Mundan.


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What if Your Greatest Weakness Is Also Your Greatest Strength?

My path of making the most of my weakest and strongest trait

Do you have any aspects of your personality that are both good and bad?

In certain circumstances a particular trait you have may be your greatest asset, in other circumstances, it may get you into trouble and strife. It can bring you prosperity in one aspect of your life and deficiency in another.

To be more concrete, I’ll take myself as an example. As I’m the person I know the best.

For the good and for the bad, I’m one of those who think too much and feel too deeply.

It seems that this increased sensitivity I have “comes with a price.” To easily connect with others and be able to relate to their feelings, to intuit and understand subtle things, and to have some sort of artistic vein, is all pretty great. But like many other highly sensitive people, I also easily feel overwhelmed by not only my own feelings but also by those of others in my surroundings. Not to mention all the information, data, and stimuli one needs to contend with in contemporary time.

Things are felt intensely; both the ups and the downs, and the feelings can shift in a swift. This can be exhausting, to say the least. Furthermore, I easily get caught up in my emotions, in such a way that they take control over me. The darkness that wants to drag me down into apathy and despair — has always been lurking around the corner.

I’ve battled against myself almost my whole life — simply because I knew nothing else. Against these darker feelings, let’s say. Which I regarded as my debilitating weakness. Only to end up suppressing myself and losing also my strength.

To regain it I had to learn to contend with these seemingly uncontrollable feelings.

Strong feelings and intense temperament are not always appreciated. People communicate both verbally and non-verbally what they like and don’t like. Some directly berate…

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