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Does Fast Charging Actually Ruin Your Battery?

Fast charging is the future…

Almost all of the most recent flagship smartphones today offer some kind of rapid battery charging.

In the process of marketing their newest products, manufacturers frequently make use of phrases and statistics such as “80% in 30 minutes” or alternatively “100% in just an hour.”

The rapid adoption of fast charging technology is the result of the increasing use of smartphones, with many people needing to recharge their phones twice per day.

We all know that the size of smartphone screens continues to increase year after year, and their batteries must also increase in size in order to meet the increased demand for power.

It’s because fast charging can provide more power in a shorter amount of time. If we didn’t have fast charging, we’d have to wait hours for our phones to reach total capacity.

At its most fundamental, fast charging is nothing more than an increase in the total number of watts (W) that are supplied to the battery of a mobile device.

Standard USB ports deliver 2.5 watts to the device that is connected to them, but faster chargers can increase this amount.

Devices of the current generation typically come equipped with power bricks rated at 15W right out of the box. Some manufacturers make chargers with 50W, 80W, and 100W outputs available.

It is as easy as the end-user plugging their phone into a fast charger compatible with their device. On the other hand, for manufacturers, the solution is not as simple as employing a power brick with a higher wattage.

Short answer: No

Now that fast charging is available for smartphones on such a large scale; we have a few questions:

Is it possible that using a charger with a high capacity could reduce the amount of time the battery in your phone lasts?

Is it possible that using it for an extended period of time will reduce the amount of power your phone can store?

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