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Discipline Vs. Regret

Which weighs more?

To make positive change, we need discipline in our lives.

If we want to implement sustainable change and become more healthy or reach an expert level in a skill, we need to form consistent daily habits.

Creating habits that you can stick to demands discipline. Who really wants to exchange their XL Pizza and late-night beers for a side salad and running shoes?

I’m sure some people do, but not in my circle! We instead succumb to consuming vast amounts of unhealthy sustenance that have limited nutrients. And this isn’t just our food and drink intake. Our information diets are often plagued with saturated fats and non-nutritional minerals that make us lazy and impatient.

No wonder we feel mentally and physically out of shape.

Setting nutritious plans and sticking to them takes discipline. Particularly in an environment that has so many enticing juicy distractions. I am writing this on an empty stomach sitting outside Papa John’s. Don’t know if you could tell?

The truth is, discipline is not known for its ‘funness’ and being ‘a good time’. It usually involved making painful sacrifices.

Discipline often bangs on the walls to tell the young bucks to “keep it down” when they are having sex. What discipline doesn’t realize is ‘keeping it down’ defeats the object and will end in a stalemate.

But discipline loves a stalemate. A dull, lustless 0–0 shutout is discipline's idea of the perfect Friday night.

The problem with discipline (besides the ridiculous comments above) is we do not see or feel any results right away. If you could do 1 gym session and go from out of shape to completely jacked, I think sticking to your plan would be a hell of a lot easier.

But it doesn't work like this. Some experts say you need at least 3 months until any noticeable change and a habit actually forms for good. Most of us can’t complete a week of solid discipline let alone 1/4 of a year.

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