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Romantic Anonymous

About five meters from the school door there was a bar, usually frequented by older men, the school was in a neighborhood far from the city center, away from other neighborhoods that were not formed by popular consortium houses, or by popular apartments. The most common in the houses and apartments in the neighborhood were to be inhabited by more than five people, usually the arms of the family, grandparents, parents, brothers, cousins, children, joined together, with mixed roles, with inverted roles, simulating a life within the family. another.
The house simulated a home, a cluster of people simulated the family, a government building simulated the school and a bar simulated the abyss. And all of us dependent on these simulations, on these social detachments, as if we could do more than make solitary encounters, less and less empathic outcomes, for less and less captivating stories.
One of these days I saw a 7th grade girl getting into the car of an old bar-goer near the school, later I found out that the old man was the girl’s grandfather and while one thought was dissipating, another intervened. One of my co-workers sued the police because you were taking a precautionary measure in relation to your granddaughter.
Romanticism is the father of all these annoyances and displeasures. They romanticized family, friendship, work, education, marriage and any relationship. But the romance of an entire library does not soften a rapist’s penis, just as some families are displaced does not sadden the great businessman, as the violent death on the periphery does not bother the residents of other neighborhoods, as the lives of some can be disguised by others.
Summarizing, all perceptions disappear when they announce the new film of overcoming, all evil disappears in the presence of the presumption of good, good that is conquered through effort and unshakable faith, while the universe conspires in favor of the good guy or girl of the movie, it may be that the girl who was taken by her grandfather prays for God or the universe to intercede in his favor, without an answer, without a cache, without a red carpet as in Hollywood.
But in spite of everything, what harm is there in waiting, in maintaining hope, some say “Hope is the last to die”. But still, she dies.

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