What is Guided Meditation? What are the benefits of Guided and Unguided Meditations?

Guided meditation is a form of meditation in which a trained facilitator provides verbal guidance and instruction to help individuals focus their attention and relax. It may include the use of…


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The Undo Button

Many decisions in life have an undo button. It can be liberating.

Many years ago I was buying a new printer. I went to the local tech store and found the printer aisle. So many choices. Which one to choose? Better color? longer ink? cheaper? How to choose? I decided this needed some research — after all, a good printer was a critical tool in my business, and my old printer had lasted 8 years! I went home to do a little more research and that’s when it really hit me.

Suddenly whole mindset changed. Bad printer choice? Return it. The train of thought extended quickly to other choices too. Bad customer service? Shop somewhere else. And don’t get me started with the small stuff like what to wear in the morning or dinner choices. Those you can undo easily, or as the old adage goes. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

But what about costly items? Like a car?

Yup. Those can all be undone too. It just takes a little letting go. That car? Well, it can be sold or traded in for a different one. Sure it might cost money, but it’s not forever. Trading a car in for another does cost money, but at least there’s a new crack at satisfaction with the replacement. Even if it is a used car.

A while back I was leading a small software team. We got into a heated argument about the right way to proceed. After a few hours of debate, I just put my foot down. My chosen implementation would be the way forward. That night I pondered the discussion. I felt satisfied in using my experience and managerial authority to just make a call.

But one of my engineers, a really good one, had been pushing for a different approach. My mind wouldn’t let it go. In the morning, as I thought about it more, I realized he was right. His approach was better. I pulled the team back together in a small room. I fessed up that my way, was in fact not the best way. We should choose the other approach.

Unbeknownst to me, the team had spent the entire night implementing my way and was shocked to see my reversal. But, having been heard, they happily changed to the other way. The trust that was built…

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