7 Mentalitas Untuk Menjadi Orang Sukses

Semua orang mau menjadi sukses, makmur, dan berkelimpahan. Termasuk Anda bukan? Nah, permasalahannya adalah: Mengapa banyak orang yang tidak bisa mencapai hal tersebut? Nah, meskipun factor luar…


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UDC 2022 Airdrop Event Winners

We had a wonderful time at the Upbit Developer Conference 2022, presenting PlayDapp! We operated the PlayDapp booth from September 22nd — 23rd, 2022, and many attendees visited our booth to learn more about PlayDapp and our products. We were also able to speak with some developers who were interested in our platform.

We also held an NFT airdrop event for the booth visitors! We randomly selected 50 winners who registered on our Marketplace and submitted the form (market.playdapp.com). More than 500 people visited our booth for 2 days! We were thrilled to see so many people participating, and we can’t wait to hold more events like this in the future!

These 50 lucky winners won an R grade PLAZ NFT!

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us at the Upbit Developer Conference 2022.

✅ Winners can stake NFTs (in-game) & receive $PLA Rewards!

✅ NFTs are interoperable in our ecosystem & usable in our upcoming P2E Games!

✅ Collect 6 R-Grade NFTs & Merge for (1) SR-Grade NFT for even MORE $PLA Rewards!

✅ Great Investment! Each NFT is valued at $41 or can be worth MORE!

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