5 Ways to Earn More in an Affiliate Marketing Program

Not all affiliate programs are created equal, and not all affiliate programs are suitable for your customer base (more on that in Section 2). In addition to these factors, there are other…


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Evil Blood

Evil blood flows through my veins I need to suck the toxins out.

My mind has been taken over by a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, there’s no doubt.

I feel the conflict within me, can I hold on or might I let go?

The fractured mind, a tortured soul, a troubled heart who can know?

If I don’t find relief soon, I don’t know how I can survive.

Drugs or booze or an illicit affair something to numb the pain I feel inside.

Punishment by fire, slice open the guilt, let the sorrow run free.

If I’m here tomorrow, no one will be more surprised than me.

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