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Winter reading list for future makers

It can be hard to find the thinkers, designers and storytellers of what the future of humanitarian action looks like. In my experience these conversations happen across sectors and industries, outside of organisations and projects. The best conversations are often those that are unexpected, different from my own world view and create more questions than answers. And, they usually make my brain hurt a little. If you’re also looking for these types of brain-bending moments, here are a few articles to get you started:

Where do we look to find inspiration about transformative ways to tackle social issues — Giulo Quaggiotto poses that we are in an ‘era of development mutants’. Highlighting emerging trends in innovation for international/humanitarian need responses. Quaggiotto speaks to the collision of ideas and intervention from outside traditional sectors, those that are free of the history, scrutiny and convergent thinking of traditional humanitarian responses.

A definite go-to in the change, disruption and innovation space, Jeremy Heiman and Henry Timms work explores divergent power models and how power influences everything from business models to elections. It is key reading piece to start thinking about the future of change differently.

This one is a shameless self-promo — a recent article I pulled together that showcases a range of ways to think about doing good, humanitarian action and change. It builds nicely for me on some of MJ Petroni’s work on unlearning mental models, which you can also read about here:

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