Taking The Step To Child Number Three

Having just celebrated the birth of our third child, I’ve been reflecting on our decision and thought that it’s a story worth sharing. As many parents will vouch for, the number of children you have…


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Six Rules That Will Define Our Second Pandemic Winter

The pandemic keeps changing, but these principles can guide your thinking through the seasons to come

Image: The Atlantic

By Katherine J. Wu, Ed Yong, and Sarah Zhang

Do vaccines work as well as they need to? Who is now most vulnerable? What new variants might emerge? Our lost summer has layered on new anxieties to pandemic life. But these questions do have some clear answers, which have come up time and again in our reporting and will continue to guide us through the coming months. Even after this latest surge crests and subsides, the new pandemic reality will linger, through fall and winter and into the spring, as vaccination rates rise and the virus continues to change. Here are six principles that are helping us make sense of the pandemic now:

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