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Increase Your Reach By Repurposing Your Content

How To Use Repurposing To Get More From Your Work And Reach More People

If you are a small YouTuber, a new medium writer, or maybe like me, trying to build both at the same time. It can be incredibly hard going when you put hours of work into a piece and then….. well nothing. Literal crickets.

I’m a coach first and foremost, and I have to admit that being consistent on both of these platforms has been challenging to keep up with. I run an online coaching health and lifestyle membership, and that is my first priority, as that is where I get paid. However, as any business owner knows, marketing your business effectively is all about creating content. I figured that if I was already creating content, why not start sharing my work on platforms that I can also potentially earn more money from and increase my revenue streams?

It was while on Youtube I saw a video by Shelby Church talking about the power of turning videos into articles and posting them here on Medium. With her video that she turned into a whopping viral $11,000 article. Of course, my entrepreneurial interest was peaked, we can all dream of the possibility right.

I have always been a person who likes to dream big, but my practical head kicked in too. I was already turning content into articles for my own website, so why not republish them on here too?

I’m no Shelby Church with an audience of millions, in fact, my best article on here (which I will talk more about below) at the time of writing has earned a much less impressive $8. You may be thinking that it really wasn’t worth the time or effort, but this was my first article to get curated and I was actually over the moon about that.

It showed me that this platform does have the potential to pay me additional money, and for content that I was already creating anyway. I could potentially reach new audiences whilst also helping more…

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