15 Ways Men Can Beat Those Winter Blues

The weather is cold and miserable, daylight is in short supply, you’ve got the post-holiday blues (disappointment that the holidays didn’t go well or having a hard time adjusting to work/school after…


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The Kindness and Empathy of Fred Rogers Will Live On Forever

And why you will want to watch the new documentary about his life and work.

I headed over there and gladly paid the $16 admission and headed straight to the 4th floor to view the “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” installation which included:

Also on view is a life-like figure of Mister Rogers, wearing his iconic sweater, neck tie, khakis, and sneakers.

I was filled with excitement and quickly text my mom, siblings, and friends.

I recently turned 40 years old, and many people my age are drawn to nostalgia. When we think back to Mister Rogers, one thinks of a simpler time. But if you dive into the life-work of this legend, you will find out that the times were far than simple. He used kindness and empathy to show and remind generations of children and adults that kindness and helping will always be greater than greed and selfishness.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s my family and I lived on Long Island, N.Y. We did not have cable television while living there, which meant that we basically got 8–13 channels, one of them being PBS. I grew up on Mister Rogers and Sesame Place. It was a time period when our parents were busy but could turn on the TV and know that the children’s television options on PBS were safe and educational.

Since my visit to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood last weekend, I have become borderline obsessed with traveling down memory lane on the Internet and YouTube.

Ironically a new documentary titled, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” is launching in theatres across the country on June 8. Here is a trailer from that film, which looks amazing.

As a child who grew up watching the second decade of this show that ran an incredible 31 seasons, the impact of Fred Rogers on my own personal life was not felt until now.

As a child you just assume that everyone is kind and empathetic. Then you go out into the world and come across people who may beat you down and at times attack you. As a child I could tell he was a gentle and modest man. But I had no idea of his impact on so many people and how innovative he was at the time.

This year is also the 50th anniversary of the first episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Just a few of the ways that he was innovative

These are just a few of the ways that this highly educated and philosophical man, changed the face of television and education as we know it.

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