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The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window. Hannah stared at the soft light, transfixed. It’s warm flickering captivating, calling her nearer…


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Why We Should Stop Copying Successful People

All these questions had no philosophical nature. I was looking for concrete actionable advice, blue prints and magic pills. And just like any other aspiring entrepreneur would do, I started to search for the answers from people, who already “made it”. It only took a few overloaded bookshelves to realize that I was heading towards the the wrong direction.


I can assure you, that most of successful people we follow and try to imitate so rigorously, documenting their daily routines, never did the same themselves. They made their dreams and aspirations a reality through devoted work and focus on their craft.

Earlier the main source of inspiration from the greatest of personalities were books and biographies, with selected media appearances. Now, in the age of social media, the lives of the role models seem more raw and real than ever, but it can not be further from reality.

Every personal story is heavily filtered — often, by the personalities themselves, and in many cases by a team of professionals. The same narration can be presented from many different angles, turning into a completely new story on the way.

The only success story you can know for sure is your own.

The desire to copy someone’s life journey can lead us into a tricky trap.

Our own definition of success is mostly shaped by what is publicly “validated” by the society instead of what would make us personally happy and satisfied with our lives.

Very often what we are trying to imitate is not really the riches or a particular lifestyle. When we watch an accomplished person, we see someone, who is accepted, loved, and recognized for what they are. We mistakenly believe that we can feel the same way, if we follow the same means.

Being productive for the sake of being productive might give us a nervous breakdown at best. What we should do instead is listen to ourselves, be honest about our own personal definition of success, set the priorities accordingly, and follow our own unique way to achieve it.

If there is one particular trait that every successful person shares, then it is the ability to maximize their own potential, instead of trying to copy someone’s else. At times I’m guilty for indulging in the inspirational life stories of highly successful people, but what it gives me is a motivational boost and a strong belief that everything is possible. As for the roadmap for success — I’m drawing it with the colors of my unique personal journey.

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