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The SUMIF function introduced in Microsoft Excel’s 2007 version is a powerful and simple calculation technique. This guide will demonstrate how the SUMIF function works and how to apply it. It’s…


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What is Way Out Writing Club?

(Killer Photo: Ben Stiles)

With the popularity of social media, most people don’t have a problem sharing what’s on their mind. In fact, over-sharing is probably more common. No, we don’t need to see your breakfast or the view from your 29F window seat. That’s not what this is for. Way Out Writing Club is for those who want to share considered, thought-through ideas or are looking for a creative outlet.

I originally started this blog during a slow freelancing period (ok, most of my freelancing period was pretty slow) to keep using the creative part of my brain and write what I wanted to write. After doing blog posts for other brands, where, granted I had a pretty long creative leash, it was refreshing and rejuvenating to do something for myself. There’s no paid promotion, no marketing initiatives, no SEO keywords, just whatever I want to write.

After having a chance to create some posts, everything from trip reports to dipping a toe in fiction, it made me realize there are probably others looking for a creative outlet. Whether you write poems, short fiction, want to share art or video projects, or just air some beef, this is the place for you. While there’s obviously no monetary compensation, and quite honestly very little site traffic at this point, there are no limits on what this can become.

See you out there

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