Making Behat Useful

BDD is a frequently misunderstood concept. Too often, the term BDD is used to refer to integration tests which happen to be running through Behat. Many developers find that their Behat tests add…


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About Wing Finance

Flying with Wing & Flamingo

To celebrate the addition of FLM to the Wing Flash Pool (Ontology), we have teamed up with Flamingo Finance to bring you TWO opportunities to earn WING and FLM.

Event 1: Get Flocking Social: Tell your friends

Event time: 4/14 8:00- 4/17 8:00 (UTC)

How to participate:


$300 WING+$300 FLM, 50 users meeting the conditions are randomly selected, $6 WING+$6 FLM per person.


(1) You can only receive the reward once at the same address. If you fill in the form more than once, the result of the first submission shall prevail;

(2) The WING and FLM awarded are OEP-4 and NEP-17 assets respectively. Please fill in the ADDRESS of OEP-4 and NEP-17 respectively.

(3) The winners’ WING and FLM awards will be distributed within 7 days after the event.

Event 2: Dip Your Toes: In our liquidity pools

Event time: 4/15–10/15 (UTC)

How to participate:

1. Provide WING-FLM Liquidity

Add Wing-FLM liquidity and deposit LP on Flamingo to earn FLM bonus. $20,000 FLM bonus per month, continued for 6 months.

2.Supply/Borrow FLM in Wing Flash Pool (Ontology)

Users who participate in Ontology pool FLM lending can receive WING incentive with an average of $20,000 per month for 6 months.

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