Ode to Mom

When you hold your child for the very first time they’re born or when you actually first come to know that there’s something growing inside you? I am not a mother, so I don’t know anything about this…


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A Writer Should Not Look for a Large Payout Without Doing These Three Things

Photo Courtesy of Dayne Topkin/Unsplash

I have to announce to my Medium Family. I am suffering from Content Creator paralysis syndrome. (This typically occurs after reading every one story about making money on multiple platforms). This is the after-effect of researching all those platforms my “Medium Family” named in your articles !!

I am still lost on how to use that platform

I feel like I have been sleeping since 2014

Now it’s 2022… #Boom

Post your content on 50 Platforms, and make $50,000 a month sweet I’m down

Now my eyes hurt….

In my opinion, I believe a writer should do three things first before even thinking about making a lot of money.

I wrote this article to save other writers from stressing out about your earnings so much.

Just keep WRITING


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